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One Man. One Mission. Can He Go Beyond?

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Ludovic Romany is a writer of biographies, novels, and poems

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L Ludovic Romany is a writer of biographies, novels, and poems. He brings the inspirational stories of those who have come through hardships, celebrating their transformation, and providing inspiration for others who are starting on their journeys. Ludovic's fictional stories & poems entertain and delight readers of all ages. Those who live in his chosen town of Lyttelton, near Christchurch, New Zealand, eagerly await the next selection to be published in the Lyttelton Review. In my early twenties, I was lead by an intense seduction of my own making, to understand more about rhythm, its flow, form, and sequence. Wanting, yet not clearly able to understand music, I found poetry in the late 1970's, of which mysteries enabled me, to one day develop my own style. Many of these small ramblings in poems and prose are now published. In the late 1990's, strong encouragement came from a good woman friend, a teacher in North Auckland, New Zealand. Her initial guidance with blessings, were for me to write an auto-biography - I endeavoured and accomplished this goal. The autobiography led to greater things; small editorials, editing work, and the publishing of my books. Besides writing books, Ludovic Romany also narrates them, creating audio books that are enjoyed by many as they relax in the evening, or drive to and from work. If you want Ludovic to record an audio version of your book, please contact him to discuss your project.




A Mysterious Dance (Love Flies Book 1)

Those Naughty Vibes

What People Are Saying

"I felt a strong sense of Witere's character and personality bleeding through the pages of the book."

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Danielle Davis

English Teacher, Motueka High School

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"Wi Peepe is really inspirational. He has climbed out of this abyss with the help of his family and his community.”

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Wendy Everingham

Lyttelton Mentor, Lyttelton TimeBank, Lyttelton Rec Centre, And much more

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"Innocence" is a story that needs to be heard; it gives great cause to pause and reflect on the likely nature and levels of abuse hidden in our midst.”

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Jeremy Baker

Doctor Settlers Health Centre